Can A Missouri Work Injury Lawyer Help My Shoulder Injury

Can A Missouri Work Injury Lawyer Help My Shoulder Injury?

One common Missouri Workers Compensation injury is a shoulder injury. It makes sense. Whether from a lifting injury or a fall where you use your arm to brace yourself and a rotator cuff injury ensues. While that seems pretty straight forward, you can bet that the insurance companies will question any serious shoulder injury in your Missouri Work Comp claim.

How Could They Claim My Surgery Wasn’t Caused By My Accident?

As we get older, our joints wear down. These are often called “degenerative changes”. This is particularly true with the shoulder joint. Look at how often you use your shoulder. Basically any movement of your arm. Therefore, its very common for an MRI (or other scans) to show that your shoulder will show some age-related wear and tear.

The issue is that the Missouri Work Comp insurance companies will point to that wear and tear and argue that your injuries were really age-related and had nothing to do with your accident.

When Will They Make This Argument?

In reality, the more serious your Missouri Work Comp injury, the more the work comp insurance companies will look for arguments to make to try and limit what they have to pay you. Therefore, the more injured you are due to your Missouri Work place accident, the more likely they will fight paying you fairly.

So if you’ve injured your shoulder, and needed surgery, you should expect that the insurance companies will fight you every step of the way to keep from giving you fair compensation for your Missouri workplace injury. You need a Missouri work injury lawyer to help you with your work comp case.

How Do I Pick A Work Injury Lawyer in Springfield Missouri?

We tell our clients that those who have had surgery need a Missouri work injury lawyer the most.  It’s important to that you find the best Springfield Missouri work comp attorney for you, your case and your family.

For instance, did you know that many lawyers who advertise on TV for Springfield Missouri Work Comp cases don’t actually practice work comp themselves? It’s not hard to have “never lost a Missouri workers compensation case” if you don’t actually handle them!

If you were swayed by advertising and called one of these firms, did you actually get to talk to the guy in the ad that swayed you?  If not, don’t fall for slick TV advertisers. These lawyers likely won’t ever look at your claim, let alone personally appear at hearings and mediations for you.  You will be passed off to some revolving “team” of associates or even other law firms.  There’s nothing wrong with TV advertising or some attorneys who advertise on TV.  Just make sure you meet them first and find out who will actually be handling your case.

How Do We Win Our Case?

When it comes to any complicated injury (and particularly when it comes to shoulder injuries), you will need a Missouri work injury lawyer to help you navigate the complicated work comp process. Also just as important, you may need a doctor on board willing to testify that your shoulder injury (and resulting treatment) was caused by the work place accident and not any age-related (or pre-existing) injuries. We can help you with this process.

There is no charge to call us and see if we can help.  We only get paid when you get paid at the end of your claim.  We do not take a fee on any TTD checks you are currently receiving or the employer willingly pays you so there is no reason not to call.