How Soon Will I Get My Money in Harrison Arkansas Disability Case?

This is Harrison, Arkansas disability attorney Jason Krebs. And in today’s video, we thought we’d answer the question that we get after we win a case or we know that we’ve won a case, and that is “How soon after I’m declared disabled in Harrison, Arkansas do I get my money?” Now, that’s an important question, obviously.

That’s why you filed for disability to try to get some money coming in because you’re unable to work. Once you’ve been found disabled, a judge may tell you that they’re going to find you disabled at a hearing, but it still has to come out in writing. The writing component of your Harrison Arkansas disability case can take up to 90 days to get a written decision out, so you’re not going to get paid during that period of time. And then after that, there’s several factors that may come in. If you filed for SSI, supplemental security income, the Social Security Administration is going to need to talk to you to make sure that you still qualify financially.

The judge will only find you medically disabled based upon your physical and mental conditions, but then you still have to prove that you qualify financially, which is a very low bar for SSI. So they’re going to need to talk to you, and there’s a lot of factors that go into that. So that may take several months. And then if you’re a straight SSD case, once that written decision comes down, then it’s probably within the month after that decision comes down you’ll probably start getting your monthly benefits amount.

That doesn’t mean that you’re going to get your back award that quickly or your back pay. Getting your social security disability benefits may take a few more months but usually within 90 days of the written decision coming down. With the SSI, again, once they’ve determined that you qualify, it’s probably 30 to 45 days once they determine that you qualify financially after that.

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