If My Doctor Says I’m Disabled Do I Automatically Win My Harrison Arkansas Disability Case?

This is Harrison Arkansas disability lawyer Jason Krebs, and in today’s, video we thought we would answer the question, “If my doctor says I’m disabled, will I automatically win my Harrison, Arkansas disability case?”

Unfortunately, that is not necessarily true. While it’s absolutely very helpful if your doctor will fill out paperwork or has stated that he or she believes that that you’re disabled, that by itself is not enough. What’s more important is that your doctors put limitations in your medical record, limiting your ability to sit, stand, lifting restrictions, those types of things.

Now, it’s very important when somebody gets over the age of 50 whether they can do their past work. That past work the SSA looks at is that work they’ve done for the last 15 years before they say they became disabled.

That’s the period that Social Security looks at, but the doctor may just say, “Well, I think you’re disabled,” but that doesn’t mean that Social Security would agree with that. The doctor may not be and probably isn’t familiar with how the Social Security regulations work.

We do offer a free book to Arkansas residents. You can call us at (870) 741-8100 and get a copy of that at no charge. We do have an office in Harrison that is by appointment only. It is at 125 Industrial Park Road, Suite E1, here in Harrison, Arkansas.

But if you are over the age of 50 and your doctor says you’re disabled, you should absolutely give us a call before you start the process. If you’re under 50, you have to show that there’s not a single job that you can do out of all jobs in the American economy. When you’re over 50 or you reach 50 and over, then it’s much more important that you can’t go back to your last jobs that you’ve had in the last 15 years. So, it’s important.

You do have some benefits under the law, and it’s important that you don’t give up those benefits by doing things improperly in the application stage. So, again, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We hope we can help you. Thanks for watching.

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