How Long To Get An Answer On a Harrison Arkansas Disability Application?

This is Harrison, Arkansas disability lawyer, Jason Krebs. In this video, we thought we would talk about the question that we often get, “How long is it going to take for me to get a decision on my Harrison Arkansas disability application?” Every case is different. There’s going to be a lot of factors that go into how long your case may take.

First of all, was everything complete? Do the examiners have to look and track you down and try to get more information from you? The second thing is, are they going to send you out for another exam? Arkansas does a pretty good job of sending you out for doctors to take a look at you, but, unfortunately, that takes a lot of time.

The good thing is if there’s some evidence or the doctors think there’s some evidence that is going to keep you from being able to work, then the Social Security Administration is going to take a lot of interest in what that doctor might’ve said regarding your ability to work. But once you file the claim, it’s some period of time before you get a decision. Usually three to four months. And then if you get a denial, there’s reconsideration, which may be another three to four months. And then after that, if you have to have a hearing, it’s going to take about eight or nine months to get to a hearing.

If you do have any questions, we do have a Harrison, Arkansas office and we do offer free initial appointments to Arkansas residents. You can get that by calling 1-870-741-8100. Our disability law office is by appointment only, but we do have an office right by the Social Security Office at 125 Industrial Park Road, Suite E-1, Harrison, Arkansas. Give us a call. We will need to make arrangements to see you at that office, but if you would like a copy of our book, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Thanks.