How Much is My Missouri Work Comp Knee Injury Worth?

This is Missouri Work Comp Attorney, Jason Krebs. In this video, we answer a question that we get quite frequently: “What is my Missouri Work Comp knee injury worth?” Now, there’s a lot of factors that go into what any sort of work comp case is worth. The first is, “How bad was the injury? Did you have a surgery? Was it just a strain or sprain? How many surgeries did you have? What was your outcome? What was the end result?”

Those are the things that are going to be very important to determine any sort of value that a Missouri Work Comp case might have.

Secondly, every case is different. So depending on factors such as your wage rate, because, you’re kind of stuck with your wage rate. They value that. There’s not much that a work injury attorney can do on the wage rate.

The next factor is, what’s the body part? Well, a knee, for instance, the knee is worth 160 weeks. Those two things are kind of set.

Where a Missouri work injury attorney can help you and help you increase the value is through getting the rating higher. Meaning the percentage of permanent injury that you’re entitled to. If it was just a sprain or strain, then the reality is, you probably don’t need a lawyer.

But if you had surgery, or certainly, if you’ve had multiple surgeries, if it has affected other body parts where maybe you were limping around on a bum knee, and it’s aggravated the hip or the other knee. Those may come into factor as well, and you’re probably going to need a workers compensation lawyer to handle that.

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