Cox Hospital Employee Unum Long term disability - ERISA disability lawyer Springfield Missouri

Cox Hospital Employee UNUM Long Term Disability Denial – ERISA Disability Lawyer in Springfield MO

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Cox Hospital Employees with a UNUM long term disability insurance policies might need to hire a UNUM disability lawyer to help them fight for their benefits.

Jason Krebs is a long term disability insurance attorney and ERISA disability lawyer who has handled numerous Cox Employee UNUM long term disability appeal clients who have received denial letters from UNUM claims representatives.

Some Cox Hospital employees are denied from the initial application, while others receive benefit cessation letters – which means their benefits are being cut-off.

When you are attempting to obtain long-term disability benefits under a policy offered by Cox Hospital through UNUM (or attempting to have benefits reinstated), you should hire an experienced UNUM disability insurance claims lawyer. While it is possible to file a claim for UNUM benefits without legal representation, our assistance in the process may make the difference between an approval and a denial. However, if you filed your claim on your own and received notice that UNUM has denied your claim, it is even more imperative that you do not proceed through the appeal process without an attorney.

Examine every available avenue in the claims process. If you have been denied, you have the right to file a certain number of appeals directly with UNUM. Should you exhaust your appeals and administrative remedies, you have the right to file a lawsuit under the ERISA act, which will be reviewed by a federal judge. We will help you understand all of your options under ERISA, and will guide you through every option available to you.

Most likely your Cox Hospital Employee UNUM long-term disability claim isn’t even covered by ERISA. In limited circumstances, such as where you are a government employee or purchased an individual disability insurance policy, you may have the right to go directly to state court (and not federal court) without filing any appeals. An experienced UNUM insurance attorney will help you determine whether your claim is subject to state law or ERISA. In Missouri, state laws protect policyholders much more than ERISA regulations. Hiring an ERISA disability lawyer in Springfield Missouri that knows both ERISA regulations and UNUM insurance policies will help you best file your claim.

If you feel your Cox Hospital Employee UNUM long term disability claim was improperly denied, call (800) 345-0535 or (417) 883-5886 to talk with our team. We will likely ask you to fax or email our office your denial letter to best evaluate your case. This consultation is free, so make sure you have your letter on hand.

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