Following Doctor’s Orders Helps Top Disability Lawyers in Springfield Missouri

This is Missouri disability lawyer Jason Krebs, and this is the next video in our series, “Do I Have a Good Disability Case?” The next factor that we would look at is, “Are you following doctor’s orders?”

These are things that go towards, frankly, the severity of your injuries or your illnesses. Even the top disability lawyers in Springfield Missouri want their clients to understand that if you’re not following your doctor’s orders, you have created a way for a judge to deny you. Pretty much, you’re almost guaranteeing it in a lot of circumstances because the judge is going to say, “Well, if this individual had done what the doctor said, had gone through the physical therapy, or had taken the medication as prescribed, this individual might be able to do some work.”

Whether that’s fair or not is debatable, but that’s the reality of the situation. It’s important for you, if your doctor tells you to try this, to try it or have a pretty good reason and explain to your doctor why. If you’re refused medication, we get calls about that all the time. “I refuse to take the pain pills.” Well, I understand, but that’s going be a problem the judge will have. If you took the pain pills, you might be able to control your pain and show up to work every day, eight hours a day, five days a week.

Those are the things. If your doctor tells you to quit smoking, or if the doctor tells you to try to get some exercise or try to lose weight and you’ve never shown any effort, those things are all things that the judges do not like. It’s important for you to try. If you have physical therapy, to show up, try, use your best efforts, and continue to do those things. If they recommend conservative treatment, that’s something you should do. You should try to do that. If they recommend injections, you should try to do that.

Or, like I said, have an explanation as to why. You need to tell the doctor. “Doc, I just can’t afford this. Do you have something else I could try?” If you don’t have health insurance or your insurance won’t cover it. We have a free book for Missouri and Arkansas residents and you can get that from or by calling us at 417-883-5886 or 1-800-345-0535. In Arkansas, it’s 870-741-8100. We look forward to hearing from you.