How do I find a good Arkansas Social Security Disability Lawyer?

How do I find a good Arkansas Social Security Disability Lawyer?

The very first thing you want to know, even before you ask a question is: How are you treated over the phone? Are you treated well? Is the staff friendly? Or are you just a number? You need to understand that hiring an Arkansas Social Security disability lawyer will be a long-term relationship, and whoever you decide to hire will be with you for a long time. It is common for these cases to go on for 2 years or more. So you want to make sure that you’re dealing with someone or an office that makes you feel comfortable and you do feel welcomed, so that’s number one.

Another very important question you want to ask, which most people don’t realize is this: If I hire your firm, will a lawyer represent me at my hearing? You would think that if you called a law firm, you’d get a lawyer. However that’s not always the case. Many firms, national and otherwise, will send a non attorney advocate to the hearing with you. Believe it or not under the Social Security rules, you do not have to be represented by a lawyer. A non-attorney representative can represent you. However there is no benefit to being represented by an advocate rather than a lawyer. They will charge you the same fee, yet they are not as well-trained or as well-educated in Social Security disability as an attorney.

Also you need to find this out: If I hire your firm what Arkansas disability lawyer will represent me at the hearing? Some big firms may hand some associate your file along with 4-5 others the day or two before your hearing. Many of these files are thousands of pages. Does that sound like a good way to win your case, hoping your lawyer doesn’t mix you up with someone else? When you meet your Arkansas Social Security Disability lawyer matters.

Some of the outfits on TV or the internet don’t even have any local attorneys or staff. Sure its the “easy way” to start the process. But be warned these companies simply try to find a warm body a couple days before your hearing to show up and do their best.

Another question you might have is how does a Arkansas Social Security disability lawyer get paid? Is this an expensive process? It is not. These cases handled are on a contingent fee basis, if the attorney doesn’t win, they don’t get paid. The attorney does not get paid until the client gets paid. Their fee is a percentage of any back payment that the client receives.

A Social Security disability case can take up to two years. Many people ask “is it even worth it?” The answer to that is it is worth it. Here’s why: once someone is approved for disability they’re eligible for a back payment from the date their disability began, or a year before the date you applied. From that date until the date Social Security finds that they’re disabled, that would be the period for which the claimant should calculate their back pay. They’re eligible for monthly payments until they get better, go back to work, or they reach the age of retirement.

Also you are also eligible for medical insurance, which under the SSD program is Medicare or Medicaid for SSI cases.

Finally the attorney’s fee comes out of the back payment. When Social Security calculates the back payment, they will deduct the fee directly from that, send the fee to the attorney, and they send the rest of the lump sum payment directly to you or your loved one. The only other thing clients are responsible for if they win is to reimburse their attorney for any expenses the attorney may have paid.

Research shows that applicants who work with an attorney are much more likely to obtain the coverage they need. Our experienced legal team has been helping injured workers for years and we are prepared to help you. Let us guide you through this stressful time.

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