Why representing yourself in a Missouri Work Comp case costs you thousands of dollars

Why representing yourself in a Missouri Work Comp case costs you thousands of dollars.

I was in Branson West at a Missouri worker’s compensation pre hearing (which is basically a case status report to the judge) recently and an unrepresented injured worker was sitting with a insurance defense lawyer discussing his case.

The defense lawyer was using the amount of medical treatment the insurance company provided as a reason for the injured worker should take their pathetic offer for the injury he suffered.

The defense lawyer kept saying “look at all the money your employer spent on your medical care” and ‘they spent over $30,000 on treating you”.

The poor fellow took the bait and settled.

If I would have been representing this person my response would have been “so what, he’s entitled to get his medical care paid for”.

This work comp insurance defense lawyer was acting like the employer had paid for a trip to Disney World or Las Vegas. She was super friendly about it, but this guy was getting sold down the river. With a nice smile.

The truth is, the defense lawyer would have never brought it up to me because it is a ridiculous argument for her to make to a Missouri Work Comp lawyer who represents injured workers.

Why? We know better.

Going it alone in a Missouri workers compensation case is absolutely your right. It doesn’t make it a good decision. Sometimes its ok. If you have a minor injury that didn’t involve a surgery.

We recently helped a great guy who was absolutely getting railroaded by the insurance company. We got him 100% more than what the insurance company was originally offering. (please note we almost never get involved in cases in which the insurance company has already made you an offer)

Here’s what he had to say:
Krebs Law Firm worked to maximize my settlement and made it a seamless process. If 10 stars were an option, they’d receive it. If you’re needing a work comp attorney, make them your first call.

It’s important to realize my client was dealing with the exact same defense lawyer who thought that getting a surgery and being out of work is a privilege you should be grateful for receiving.

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