Evidence in Missouri Social Security Disability and ObamaCare

Many of the phone calls I receive from people who have been denied Social Security Disability center on the evidence Social Security used to deny their case.  Many folks do not understand that it is not the job of the Social Security Administration to prove that you are disabled.  It is your responsibility to prove that you are disabled.  You have to do that with medical evidence.  Many folks tell me that don’t have insurance because they can’t afford it.  For the last several years health care has been one of the great ironies and tragedies of American life.  I believe there is a new wrinkle for people applying for disability who don’t have insurance.  I also believe this will effect evidence in Missouri Social Security Disability and Obamacare proof will be required.  I have been advising my Missouri Social Security disability clients who don’t have insurance that they need to apply for insurance through ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act.

In the past, Social Security law allows for certain acceptable reasons for not following prescribed treatment by a doctor.  Poverty is one of those  accepted reasons.  In other words, if you can’t afford medical treatment Social Security is supposed to take into consideration of your financial situation as a reason for not getting your medical treatment.  In my experience at the Springfield Missouri ODAR that has never meant that you could do nothing to try to get better.  It was necessary that all avenues such as Missouri Health Net or Medicaid, Jordan Valley Community Health Care Clinic and The Kitchen Clinic have been exhausted.  I believe now you should add the application process of Obama Care and being able to show that you cannot even afford those premiums.

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