Fibromyalgia and Missouri Social Security Disability

I have a lot of people contact my office about their fibromyalgia and Missouri Social Security Disability case.  Hopefully the new research outlined in this recent USA Today article will help treat this condition more effectively.

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Fibromyalgia cases have become increasing difficult to win for a couple of reasons.

1) I think judges are getting more pressure in general to deny claims.  Probably a result of the negative press social security disability is receiving in various news outlets.

2)  SSR 12–2p which is a Social Security Ruling which outlines what SSA wants to see from a claimants medical file about their treatment and/or diagnosis.

The main problems I see with the SSR are twofold, 1) Doctors treatment notes frequently do not follow what SSA law wants to see and 2) this has led to the ALJ’s preferring a rheumatologist over a primary care doctor.  This last factor may should good on paper, but practically speaking is a very high hurdle for the uninsured to meet.  Hopefully this too will change.

If you have a fibromyalgia disability claim, I believe to have a winnable case you now need a written trigger point test documented by a rheumatologist evidencing your fibromyalgia and medical documentation how this conditional (and the medication you are prescribed) affects you and your ability to work.

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