Harrison Arkansas Disability Lawyer Offers Free Consultation

Hello, this is Harrison Arkansas Disability Attorney Jason Krebs. In today’s video we thought we’d answer a question. We get a lot of, “How do I afford an attorney for my Harrison, Arkansas Disability case?”

Well, the good news is there’s a free consultation to find out if our disability lawyer can help you, so there’s absolutely no charge to call us and talk to us about that.

If we do agree to take your case, and if we’re successful and only if we’re successful, our fee is withheld from your past-due benefits. Social Security regulations allow for 25% of your past-due benefits, and that’s capped at $6,000 right now here in 2020.  If you don’t win there is no attorney fee owed.

Just to be clear that the fee is based on past-due benefits only. It’s not like you’d have to be responsible to pay for 25% of your benefits going forward if you’re successful. It would only be on your past-due benefits. Most folks call this “back pay”.

There’s no downside to calling a disability lawyer and asking them if they can help you. We do offer our free book for anybody in Arkansas. Just give us a call at (870) 741-8100. Our Harrison office is open by appointment only. We do have an office in Harrison, Arkansas now, and that’s at 125 Industrial Park Road, Suite 1E in Harrison, Arkansas. But again, that is by appointment only. So call us at the number I gave you. But again, you can get a copy of this if you’d like. Don’t hesitate to call us if you are over 50.

You should call before you apply because there are rules that can affect you positively or negatively if you do things incorrectly. It’s important to call a lawyer before you start the process. Thanks for watching. Best of luck.