How Long To Get Decision After Harrison Arkansas Disability Appeal Hearing?

This is Harrison Arkansas Disability Lawyer, Jason Krebs. In today’s video, we answer the question, “How long does it take to get a decision after my social security disability appeal hearing in Harrison, Arkansas?”

The answer to that question is dependent upon a couple of things. One, were all your medical records submitted before the hearing? That’s going to be a major issue, because if there’s records that need to be tracked down, then that’s going to add some time post hearing, because the judge is going to want to take a look at whatever records that were submitted after the hearing.

It’s always good to make sure that you help your disability attorney get all the records before the disability appeal hearing so the judge can make a decision or be better informed to make a decision with your records.

The second thing, that’s very common in Arkansas, is post hearing, they will send you out for a consultative exam, or we call these CEs. And a consultative exam would be such things as they might send you to another doctor, they might send you out for x-rays or a vision test or a hearing test. It just really depends on what you’re claiming. And then the doctor’s going to submit a report.

And then the judge is going to take a look at that report and sometimes they have what they call a supplemental hearing, which is a second hearing to discuss that. Sometimes the judge decides he or she can make a decision based upon whatever the consultative exam said. Your attorney is going to get an opportunity to respond to the consultative exam report.

So all those things take time. What we tell people is, if there’s things that have to go on post hearing, you’re looking at probably about a six months before you get a decision. If everything’s in and they don’t feel like they need to have any additional evidence, then you’re looking at probably around 90 days to get a decision out.

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