Hire Arkansas Social Security Attorney For Multiple Sclerosis Disability

Multiple sclerosis is a serious condition that has impacted the lives of millions worldwide. While new treatments are constantly being studied that are showing promise, this is a challenging disease that people the world over have to deal with, some for many years.

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a disease of the brain and spinal cord that is characterized by the Social Security Administration in two different ways. First, it makes motor function difficult, specifically standing up, maintaining balance, and using the upper body.

Second, the disease can make it difficult for the affected person to understand, communicate, and concentrate. The disease must qualify under one or both of these to be acknowledged as eligible for Social Security disability in Arkansas.

If you are at the point where you’re looking to qualify for SSD for multiple sclerosis, you need to take several steps. Before doing anything else, make sure your doctor can provide detailed documentation regarding your condition, including any characteristics of MS you experience. Don’t leave anything out.

The SSA doesn’t administer physical tests to determine how accurate your statements are, so you’ll want to make sure your documentation is thorough and accurate. You should also document any medications you are taking and how they are impacting your overall health.

When applying for Social Security disability, focus on how multiple sclerosis has limited your ability to work without any sort of special accommodations. For many, the disease has caused them to become fatigued at work, have difficulty communicating due to speech impairments, and even affect their eyesight. If your ability to effectively do your job has been impacted, be sure to document it.

But even importantly, don’t give up. You may have to apply for SSD in Arkansas several times before your multiple sclerosis disability is accepted by the SSA. Utilizing the services of an Arkansas Social Security Attorney can be a tremendous help.

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It can be daunting learning the ins and outs of Social Security Disability benefits, but it’s not a task you need to take on alone. Call on an Arkansas Social Security Attorney from the Krebs Law Firm to help you every step of the way, whether you’re applying for Social Security Disability or have already been approved.

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