Is It Worth It To Hire a Missouri Work Comp Lawyer?

This is Missouri work comp lawyer Jason Krebs. One of the big issues with a lot of people that call our office is they’re concerned about the cost of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney for their Missouri work comp case.

Attorneys in Missouri operate under a contingency fee plan, which means basically that you don’t owe anything until your claim is successfully resolved. Most attorneys charge 25% because that’s what the law allows for. And you say to yourself, “Well, is it worth it to hire a Missouri Work Comp lawyer?”

Let’s look at an example from a case that we recently settled. To be clear, we rarely take cases (and most attorneys don’t) where there’s an offer already on the table.

But we had a case where gentleman came with a workplace injury and he had a $4,000+ offer on the table. We ultimately resolved that case and got over $25,000 for his case. This is an over 600% increase from what he originally had. Even after attorney fees. And he didn’t have to pay a fee on what he already had an offer on.

So even after he pays the 25% of the gain that he had over what he originally had on the table, it was still a huge increase for him. Over 400% improvement compare to what he already had. So there was really no loss for him to do that.

We see too many people that are nervous about hiring an attorney or think that it’s going to cost more than it’s worth. It rarely is, especially if you’ve had a significant injury surgery, a tear, a ligament tear, broken bone, something like that but certainly if you had a surgery, you’re almost always better off to hire an attorney to help secure you the most money possible. And that money is tax free by the way.

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We handle cases for Worker’s Compensation claims throughout the state of Missouri. Thanks for watching and best of luck.