Hiring a Springfield Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve been in a car accident that was the other drivers fault. Should you hire a personal injury lawyer? There are some instances where an injured party can handle their own claim, but you should always speak with a personal injury lawyer before you contact the insurance company (or they contact you–and they will).

Potential clients involved in an accident or injury claim that seek legal help or free advice from my law firm frequently ask this question–If I hire a lawyer and have to pay attorneys’ fees, won’t I end up getting less money in the end?

A question should come to your mind: do I really have want to take on an insurance company and claims adjuster who handles thousands of claims a year?

The insurance adjuster is not under oath when they are dealing with you. Adjusters are trained to deny your injury claim or limit what they pay you. If you are thinking if it does not work out, “I’ll just hire a lawyer later”, that may not be the case. Far too often people come in after trying to handle their injury claim themselves after giving the insurance company an unfavorable statement that hurts their claim. Sometimes the injured party missed damages they are entitled to under the law.
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If you have an Springfield Missouri Personal injury lawyer or law firm who works your claim diligently and aggressively, your decision to hire a lawyer is usually worth it. While most people are concerned about their property damage, it is important to remember that property can be replaced, but you only get one body and it has to last a lifetime. It is not the insurance company adjuster’s job to look out for your health. If you do not look out for your health, who will?

If you have been in a car accident that was not your fault and have legal questions about your Springfield Missouri or Southwest Missouri personal injury claim give me a call at 417 883-5886 for a free consultation.