Springfield Missouri Work Comp Injury Report

A common question for people that suffer a Springfield Missouri work comp injury is “How long do I have to report my injury to my employer?” Under Missouri Workers Compensation law, you need report your on the job injury within 30 days. You should notify your employer in writing and state the date, time and place of your injury to your employer or supervisor. You should also describe the nature of the injury and provide your name and address. Failure to report the injury in that 30 day period and you may lose your rights to work compensation benefits. Make and keep a copy of the letter for yourself and keep your copy at home, not work. Another good practice is to also send a copy to the HR department or general manager. Always keep a record of the date and time you delivered it.

If you have concerns that your employer is not going to do anything about your injury, you should send a copy by certified mail. If you know who the employers insurance company is a certified copy to them may be in order. You can always make a Missouri Work Comp injury report to the Missouri Division of Workers Compensation as well Some employers do not want to make a claim out of fear of their premiums rising. Usually though an email is enough to document your report of injury. Many employers ask that you report your work comp injury as soon as possible and that is always a good policy to make sure the medical treatment is approved.

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A work injury can be traumatic. If you or a loved one is injured on the job Missouri Work Comp laws can provide you the money and medical care you and your family deserve. The Krebs Law Firm LLC helps injured workers get the medical attention and financial compensation that they need. Please contact us for a free consultation if you have any questions about Missouri Work Comp.