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When car accidents occur, it can be easy to shift the blame around. No one wants to be held responsible for an accident they didn’t cause or have to pay out more than they feel is necessary. What are some ways that fault for car crashes are determined?

Missouri law has a standard for how a “reasonable” person should operate their motor vehicle. Anyone who is negligent in how they drive may be considered as not operating the vehicle in a reasonable way. The level of negligence in comparison to a reasonable driver is one factor in determining how much at fault a driver is in an accident.

Missouri’s laws are designed so that all parties involved in a car accident are held responsible for damages incurred based on their level of involvement. If, for example, a driver gets T-boned due to another driver running a red light, the one who caused the accident is likely to be charged full responsibility.

But if two negligent drivers both veer around corners too sharply and their vehicles collide, they may be equally at fault and have to split the cost of damages. This system is known as a comparative fault system.

Other factors can be involved in determining fault as well. A police officer who responds to the accident may ask questions and examine the scene, such as what the speed limit was and whether they noted any skid marks.

Witnesses who observed the car wreck may have a unique viewpoint that makes determining fault easier. Photographs of the accident scene may also be taken and examined, or in some instances, video footage from traffic cameras may be looked at.

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