Life Changes Impact Arkansas Social Security Disability Benefits

Life Changes Impact Arkansas Social Security Disability Benefits

It can certainly be a relief when your request for Social Security Disability benefits has been approved. However, such benefits may not last indefinitely. It all depends on your circumstances. Life changes can result in the benefits you receive being reduced or eliminated entirely.

Those who qualify for Social Security Disability benefits are grouped into three categories. Those who are expected to improve significantly are grouped under MIE (Medical Improvement Expected) and are evaluated regularly to determine if they still meet the definition of “disabled.”

For some, it may seem a bit less likely that they will be able to recover to the point of working again, and are thus labeled as MIP (Medical Improvement Possible) and reviewed for eligibility every few years.

Finally, some are labeled as MINE (Medical Improvement Not Expected), and reviews will take place every five to seven years.

Many times during these reviews, improvement is noted that may affect one’s potential Social Security Disability benefits. If the individual no longer meets the definition of “disabled”, their Arkansas Social Security Disability Benefits will likely be impacted.

The same can be said if someone who was eligible for benefits is able to return to work. Even if they are able to work again, they may continue earning Social Security Disability benefits if their income remains below a certain threshold.

You also have to factor in retirement. In most cases, you cannot get both Social Security retirement and Disability benefits, so it’s important to be prepared to lose SSD once Social Security retirement benefits kick in. Thankfully, the earning amounts are often similar between the two benefits.

It’s also important to note that it’s your responsibility to report any life changes to the Social Security Administration if they come about. Failure to do so constitutes disability fraud, a crime punishable by law, and may result in having to pay back any unearned benefits. It would be much better to simply be honest and open with the SSA regarding any life changes.

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