I guess this guy doesn’t like Missouri cyclists

I guess this guy doesn’t like Missouri cyclists

From the Missouri Bike Fed:

Missouri Rep. Jay Houghton–who has been involved in previous legislative attempts to ban bicycles from Missouri roads–is at it again in 2016.

A small group of Missouri legislators has worked over the past several years to ban or restrict bicycling in Missouri
Rep. Houghton has introduced a bill that would require all bicyclists on “county lettered roads” to carry a safety flag attached to the bicycle and suspended “not less than fifteen feet above the roadway when the bicycle is standing upright.”

Like the proposal a few years ago by a predecessor to Mr. Houghton, which would have required all bicyclists to wear hi-vis jerseys, and the proposal last year to require all cyclists to carry liability insurance, the bill is couched in language of safety and reasonableness, but in reality it will not help the safety situation for bicyclists or drivers, will be impossible to enforce and comply with, and is intended as another backhanded way to keep cyclists off the road.

The Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation and several of our allied groups have already reached out to Mr. Houghton to find out more and to let him know our strong objection to the proposal. In response to an inquiry from the PedNet Coalition (Columbia), Mr Houghton wrote:

I understand your concerns, but the people of my district have asked me to file this legislation in an attempt to make their rural roads safer. These roads have no shoulder, sharp curves, and steep hills. My constituents, who drive these roads daily, feel this is a good idea. It not only protects automobile drivers, as well as bicyclists. I believe in freedom, and this bill in no way restricts your freedom to ride on the roads. It simply requires you to have a flag, just like 4-Wheelers are required to have.

If you feel inclined to contact Mr. Houghton, PLEASE remember to be very polite and persuasive. Telling your own experiences and perspective and making well reasoned arguments is helpful and persuasive. Tell why t his will be bad for Missouri–not just bicyclists, but everyone in Missouri–will be persuasive.

In addition, Mr. Houghton has introduced a bill to open the Katy Trail to motorized vehicles (golf carts and ATVs) on certain days of the month.

The safety flag bill is HB 2046 and the Katy Trail ATV bill is HB 2047.

Please politely tell Representative Houghton these are both dumb ideas. If he really wanted to help cyclists he would introduce a 3 foot passing requirement.

Representative Jay Houghton
Jay Houghton
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