Missouri Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Missouri Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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The roads throughout Missouri and Arkansas are meant for everyone. Whether a person is driving a car, motorcycle or riding a bicycle that person has an equal right to use and enjoy all of the roadways. Sadly, not all vehicles are treated the same. There are situations where some drivers need to be more careful than others. Bicyclists are at great risk for physical harm if involved in an accident. Many drivers failed to look out for cyclists on the road and carelessly fail to yield to cyclists’ right-of-away causing serious bike accidents.

There can also be a social stigma against bicycle riders. Cyclists are often seen as in the way, an annoyance “in the wrong place for a toy” reckless, and dangerous drivers. But in reality, most cyclists are only trying to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. Others may enjoy the economic advantages of having a vehicle that runs on breakfast.

With the social stigma, cyclists might find themselves fighting an uphill battle following a bicycle accident. However, cyclists should understand that they are entitled to compensation from a negligent driver. When a negligent driver causes an accident, that driver is responsible for paying damages.

I’m a cyclist and understand that most cyclists are law abiding citizens. We work hard to ensure that bike riders rights are upheld throughout a legal process. We present evidence to show that the other driver was negligent in causing the accident. We do not let popular myths about cyclists ruin a case.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting out on my bike enjoying our beautiful Missouri and Arkansas scenery. But there’s another side to biking in that I also know all too well: the impatient drivers who think that the road belongs exclusively to cars; the distracted drivers who are so engrossed in a cell phone conversation that they fail to notice cyclists on the road; the drivers who speed and disregard stop signs and traffic lights, and who use bike lanes as if they were for the benefit of cars; the hecklers that pass within inches, all the while yelling that bikes belong on sidewalks—and a few other choice words; the drivers that cut a bicycle off without a second thought. I’ve even been shot at while riding my bike.

I know firsthand the hazards cyclists face on the roads in Missouri and Arkansas, because I deal with them myself. So when clients come into my office with serious injuries, their lives turned upside down, their ability to ride put on hold, I can relate. I fight aggressively for all my clients but I hold a special place in my heart for fellow cyclists who were doing nothing more than exercising their legal right to share the road and paid a price that no one should have to pay.

I am a Missouri Bicycle Accident Lawyer and I am a cyclist. If you’ve been hurt by an impatient, aggressive, distracted, impaired, or careless driver, you can count on me to fight to see that justice is served.