Missouri Car Accident Attorney Protects You From Insurance Companies

A car accident can have a significant impact on your life. When having to deal with the difficult decisions that immediately follow such an event, you hope to deal with an insurance company that cares about helping you financially in your time of need. But unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.

Insurance companies are businesses that are trying to make a profit, so their goal is to make as much money from their clients as they can while reducing the amount they have to pay out. Some companies even take this a step further and employ questionable tactics to avoid their contractual obligations to their clients through improper means. These are a few methods they might use.

Delaying Payment

After a car accident, you may find costly vehicle repair or medical bills coming your way fairly quickly. An insurance company might delay paying you, forcing you to pay those expensive bills on your own without their financial assistance.

Not Being Thorough In Investigating

There are often multiple factors involved in a car accident that determine how much insurance companies should pay for damages, and at times, they may conveniently fail to consider all those factors when conducting an investigation, leading to a lower payout for you.

Offering Less Money

Sometimes it’s something as simple as an adjuster being sent out to determine how much the company should pay out and then lowballing an offer to the client. They hope their offer will be accepted without much fuss.

Twisting Statements

Occasionally an insurance company may ask for a recorded statement from the client. If your statement is not carefully worded, it could be twisted around, misconstrued or used against you. In fact, we advise not to provide a recorded statement until consulting with a Springfield Missouri Car accident lawyer.

Don’t fall prey to any of these tactics. While many insurance companies perform their jobs legitimately, there are some bad eggs out there who want to take full advantage of victims involved in car accidents. An experienced Missouri car accident attorney like Jason Krebs who used to represent insurance companies knows these tricks all too well and how to combat them.

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