The Most Common Missouri Workers Compensation Construction Injuries

One industry that continues to remain strong, in spite of the current economic challenges, is the construction industry. Many construction companies have more openings available than qualified applicants to meet their demand.

With this influx of new and sometimes less experienced construction workers comes the dangers of Missouri Workers Compensation construction related injuries.

There are over 11 million construction workers in the United States. There are also around 150,000 injuries reported in the construction field each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While construction work can be rewarding, these sobering numbers remind us that the industry can also be dangerous.

If you’re a construction worker or thinking of entering the field, you need to protect yourself from these serious types of construction related Missouri Workers Compensation injuries.


Construction workers often do their jobs at high elevations, and the risk of falling is significant. Make sure that your company has proper safety procedures in place, such as personal fall arrest and guardrail systems.

A fall could lead to head, brain or spinal cord injury, severe fractures, or something more serious.


Live wires and faulty equipment are common causes of electrocution at construction sites, which may lead to severe burns, falls and even fatalities. They can damage internal organs as well, so be sure to seek medical attention immediately if you receive such a shock.

Maintain a safe distance from live wires and make sure your tools are always grounded to lower the risk of electrical injury.

Struck-By Hazards

Struck-by hazards are typically divided into four main categories: objects that fly, fall, swing and roll. For example, bricks may fall out of a bucket being hoisted atop a building and strike a worker in the head, severely injuring them, or a crane might swing around at a low height and hit someone. These hazards can cause severe bodily harm.

Caught In Between Moving Objects

This category can include such dangers as getting caught in a cave-in, getting a body part pulled into machinery or being crushed between a truck frame and hydraulic bed. These can often be avoided by being alert. Serious injuries and death are common occurrences.

Working on a construction site poses many dangers, and many workers are injured each year through no fault of their own.

If you’ve sustained a severe injury on a construction site, especially one that requires extensive medical attention and surgery, you need to know what sort of financial compensation you are entitled to. Don’t go it alone or you might not receive a fair settlement.

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