Missouri Workers Compensation and Construction Accidents

With the improving weather after a tough winter construction work is on the upswing in Missouri.  We have already received a couple of calls from people that are injured in Missouri workers compensation and construction accidents and found out that their employer carried no Missouri work comp insurance coverage.

In the state of Missouri, any employer with five or more employees and any employer in the construction industry with one or more employees is required to maintain workers’ compensation coverage for its employees. An employer in Missouri may satisfy this requirement through two different methods: 1) obtaining a workers’ compensation policy; OR 2) obtaining permission from the Division of Workers’ Compensation (Division) to self-insure its workers’ compensation liabilities.  No work comp coverage does not mean you have no claim, but it does complicate matters substantially.   You should contact a Missouri Work Comp lawyer as soon as possible after your injury.

Railroad, postal, and maritime workers are covered under federal laws and not by Missouri Workers’ Compensation Laws. Other exceptions include: farm labor, domestic servants in a private home, occasional labor performed for or related to a private household, qualified real estate agents, direct sellers, volunteers of a tax exempt organization where such volunteers are not paid wages and adjudicators, sports officials or contest workers for interscholastic activity programs or amateur youth programs who are not employed by the sponsor of the event. 

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