Missouri Workers Compensation Death Benefits

Missouri Workers Compensation Death Benefits

According to Missouri law, if a worker dies as a result of a workplace accident or occupational disease, the employee’s family is entitled to:

1. Burial Expense – payment of expenses for burial, up to $5,000.00.

2. Weekly Benefits – payment of weekly benefits, divided among the surviving spouse and children, until:

a) the children reach age 18 (or age 22 if enrolled in school or the armed forces), at which time that child’s portion is divided among the others, and

b) the spouse dies or remarries, at which time that portion is divided among the others.

c) if there are no surviving children under the age of 22, and no surviving spouse, then no benefits are owed beyond the burial expense.

Exception: if there are no minor children and no surviving spouse, then any other person who can prove dependence upon the employee for support may receive weekly benefits for life.

In addition to Missouri Workers Compensation Law, the family may be entitled to bring a Missouri Wrongful Death Action against some third party, other than the employer.  It is important to act as soon as possible as evidence may be lost or destroyed which may be vital to proving your claim.

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