Mistakes That Ruin A Missouri Or Arkansas Disability Claim #4 Drug and Alcohol Use

Mistakes That Ruin A Missouri Or Arkansas Disability Claim #4 Drug and Alcohol Use

Hello. This is Springfield, Missouri disability lawyer Jason Krebs. This is the next video in our ongoing series, Things That Can Ruin Your Missouri Or Arkansas Disability Claim.

Today’s topic is drug and alcohol use. There are very few things that will damage your case more, if you are caught a positive drug screen, if you’re caught using illegal drugs or drugs that are not prescribed to you, even if they’re prescription medication and you don’t have a prescription for that. If you test positive for that or that shows up in a drug screen by a physician, certainly here the Springfield, Missouri ODAR Office (that’s the hearing office) that is going to give you a lot of problems in your case, excessive alcohol abuse as well.

It’s understandable sometimes, there are some defenses to it that dealing with mental problems sometimes causes people to self medicate, but it will absolutely affect your case in a negative manner, likewise smoking.

If your doctor is telling you to quit smoking, you need to try to quit smoking. I know that’s very difficult to do, but you need to do whatever. If there’s certain medications you can take, you want to be seen as trying to cut that down. We have some judges here in Springfield that just, they attribute everything to it. You’re going to get a lot better if you’d quit smoking and they really hold that against you.

Any of these things, you really need to watch these while your case is pending. We do offer a free book to Missouri and Arkansas residents. You can get that at https://krebslawoffice.com or give us a call at 1-800-345-0535 or 417-883-5886. Thanks for watching. Best of luck.

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