Mistakes That Ruin A Missouri Or Arkansas Disability Claim #5 Filing for Unemployment

Mistakes That Ruin A Missouri Or Arkansas Disability Claim #5 Filing for Unemployment

This is Springfield Missouri Disability lawyer Jason Krebs, and today’s videos is part of our ongoing series, things that can ruin your Missouri or Arkansas disability claim. The next thing we wanted to talk about, something that would ruin your case, is filing for unemployment.

Filing for unemployment can ruin your claim because when you file for unemployment with the state of Missouri or the state of Arkansas, you are signing a document with that respective state stating that “I am ready, willing, and able to go back to work” which is directly contrary to what you’re signing when you file for social security disability with the federal government saying “I can’t work”. Those two things are mutually exclusive.

Now, I understand that folks need the money and it used to not be a big deal with social security because a lot of the people in the program understood that, but in today’s world it is certainly something that is going to very negatively affect your social security disability case.

The reason? Like I said, it’s an inconsistent statement and we’ll talk about that in a later video, but if you’re saying to one agency “I can work” and to another agency “I can’t work”, then you’re putting both agencies in a position to say, “Well, why should we believe this person?” It damages the credibility of the claimant. This makes Social Security Administration examiners and judges nervous about giving the person benefits.

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