Mistakes That Ruin A Missouri Or Arkansas Disability Claim #6 Inconsistent Statements

Mistakes That Ruin A Missouri Or Arkansas Disability Claim #6 Inconsistent Statements. This is Springfield, Missouri disability lawyer Jason Krebs, and in today’s video, this is the next video in our series of things that can ruin your Missouri or Arkansas disability claim. We thought we would talk a little bit about inconsistent statements. Now, that’s a broad statement, and that means there are things in your file, either in your medical file or in the SSA files, that is the information you filled out (your application, the work history, your residual functional capacity forms), that are inconsistent.

Sometimes it’s as simple as telling one doctor you’re doing great or the back problem’s resolved, and you’re telling the other doctor that it’s terrible at the same time, or telling one doctor there’s no medication side effects and telling the other doctor that there are, or then you go in and you tell the social security judge that you’re having all these side effects from your medication and you’ve never mentioned it before in talking to any of your physicians or nurses and that kind of thing, physical therapists, those kind of things. Silence can be an inconsistent statement.

It’s important that you document these problems. If your medication is making you go to the bathroom or fall asleep or whatever, even if it says it right on the pill bottle, that’s something that you should discuss with your physicians.

Secondly, you want to tell all the physicians, even if you’re seeing your psychiatrist, tell them about your back pain, and vice versa. If you’re seeing your orthopedic doctor, you tell them about your depression or your anxiety and all those kinds of … That’s not to say that you should make anything up, but it’s just give an accurate portrayal, because otherwise they’re going to write down, “No complaints,” or, “Says he or she’s doing great,” and that can really have a negative effect on your case.

Then some of the things that they’re looking for when the application or the parts of the application where they’re asking you about how you’re spending your day or your work history, sometimes it can appear very inconsistent to somebody that wouldn’t be working or doing things. For example if you’re bragging about your garden, trips or riding horses/motorcycles etc, that can look very inconsistent for someone who is saying that they cannot work.

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