More Drivers Need Arkansas and Missouri Auto Accident Lawyers

Everyone thinks that their town must have the worst drivers in the country. For drivers in Arkansas and Missouri, there’s research that actually supports that claim.

A recent study by SmartAsset reports that both Arkansas and Missouri are among the top ten states for the most irresponsible drivers, ranking number five and six respectively.

It’s a concerning statistic and it might make you feel a bit less safe on the roadways. More irresponsible drivers means a higher likelihood of an auto accident.

A higher likelihood of auto accidents means that you’ll need to be prepared if you’re involved in an auto injury accident and need the help of Arkansas and Missouri auto accident lawyers.

The SmartAsset report states that Arkansas has two DUIs for every thousand drivers, while Missouri has three for every thousand drivers.

Arkansas ranks a bit higher in fatalities, with almost two fatalities for every hundred million miles traveled, which is the third highest of all states studied. Missouri has almost one and a half fatalities per hundred million miles.

Almost a fifth of all Arkansas drivers don’t have auto insurance, and Missouri isn’t much better at around 16 percent.

These statistics paint a troubling picture. There are lots of drivers in Arkansas and Missouri that are driving uninsured and that are driving under the influence.

Not only has that contributed to a significant number of fatalities from vehicle accidents, but even non-life-threatening crashes are made more complicated for law abiding, insurance carrying citizens who are involved in them.

They often need the help of Arkansas and Missouri auto accident lawyers, since they would struggle on their own to get properly compensated for their injuries due to the other party not having car insurance to help with compensation.

At The Krebs Law Firm, we have to travel these same roads in Arkansas and Missouri just like all the other drivers. We want you to be aware of these potential dangers on our state roads and know your options for proper compensation if you’re involved in a vehicle accident.

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If you’re ever involved in a serious car crash, you’ll want to know what your legal options for compensation are regardless of what type of coverage the other driver might carry. Don’t hesitate to reach out to get the compensation you are entitled to.

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