Danger of Pedestrians Being Involved in Missouri Car Accidents

Danger of Pedestrians Being Involved in Missouri Car Accidents

It seems that drivers and pedestrians have always been at odds with each other. But lately, the situation has gotten worse. A KY3 News report stated that fewer Springfield drivers are giving pedestrians the right of way at crosswalks. Less than half of drivers are yielding to pedestrians.

This is even after the City launched an educational program to encourage drivers to be more observant of pedestrians. This backslide is attributed to specialized enforcement stops being done away with and people becoming more aggressive drivers.

One big takeaway from this problem is clear. If drivers aren’t held accountable for their actions, they don’t have as much incentive to yield to pedestrians.

Even typically careful pedestrians can find themselves injured by a vehicle if they don’t keep their guard up and take necessary precautions. We’ve put together some important reminders for pedestrians to be cautious while crossing or walking near roadways to avoid being involved in Missouri car accidents.

We’ll also discuss what to do if you happen to be injured by a driver as a pedestrian.

Wear Bright Clothing

Many pedestrian accidents happen because drivers can’t see them walking out into the street. To make yourself more visible, wear bright clothing during the day and reflective clothing in the evening. You can further enhance your safety by walking in well-lit areas when it gets darker outside.

Pay Attention

If you’re walking, put your cell phone and headphones away. You need to be alert regarding your surroundings to avoid accidentally stepping out into traffic or not seeing a vehicle coming your way. Remember what your parents always said. Be sure to look both ways before crossing the street.

Obey Signs And Signals

Drivers and pedestrians often blame each other for reckless behavior when car accidents with pedestrians happen. There are valid arguments for both sides. Springfield pedestrians are often called out for not crossing at designated crosswalks.

Crosswalks are there for a reason. If you’re struck by a vehicle because you tried crossing the road somewhere other than a crosswalk, that is negligence on your part, and the driver likely has a strong case against you.

Traffic laws are in place for the safety of both drivers and pedestrians, so obeying them is in everyone’s best interests.

Be Prepared

Even the best-intentioned drivers can find themselves distracted at times. As a pedestrian, you may have the right of way at a crosswalk with the traffic light in your favor, but you need to be ready in case a driver still doesn’t stop for you. Knowing that you have the law on your side might not be much consolation if you’re struck by a distracted driver on their phone.

As a young driver, we learn about the concept of defensive driving and anticipating what the other cars around you could do. Many pedestrian accidents can be avoided simply by anticipating an accident happening with defensive walking.

Pedestrians who are involved in Missouri car accidents through no fault of their own, want fair compensation for their often serious injuries. Call The Krebs Law Firm for a free initial consultation about your case. There’s no obligation and no fees unless we win compensation for you.