Support From Doctor And Missouri Disability Attorney Are Important

If you are filing for Social Security disability, you’ll want to have some advocates on your side who can build up your case. An experienced Missouri disability attorney can be extremely helpful to guide you through the process, but you’ll also need the support of any doctors who might treat your condition.

At one time, Social Security law stipulated that your primary care physician’s word carried special weight when it came to determining one’s eligibility for SSD. Now, however, your doctor’s word is considered as equal to that of a doctor who may be paid by Social Security to examine your condition. What’s most important is that all of your doctor records are consistent and supportable, and that requires cooperation on your part.

There are a number of areas that doctors look at when examining a patient’s condition to determine if you are eligible for Social Security disability. They want to see to what degree your day-to-day activities are limited by your condition. If needed, they can also refer you to appropriate specialists.

For example, they may send you to an orthopedist if you’re dealing with a bone or muscular injury. These specialists in their field have the knowledge to best determine the severity of your condition and can go a long way in convincing the Social Security Administration that you are eligible for SSD.

While it can be challenging having to see multiple doctors, this requires cooperation on the disabled one’s part. You need to demonstrate your willingness to comply with treatments by keeping your scheduled appointments, or letting the doctor know ahead of time if you need to reschedule.

Provide as much information as possible so that your doctor can provide a proper diagnosis. If any changes in your condition occur, you need to inform your doctor right away so that appropriate adjustments to treatment and medical records can be made.

Procrastinating, lying, not following doctor’s orders or stretching the truth about the severity of your condition only makes the doctor’s job more difficult. They can only do so much to help someone who isn’t helping themselves, and they don’t want their reputations to be damaged in the eyes of the SSA and medical community by “going to bat” for a dishonest patient.

Do not underestimate the importance to having a doctor and an experienced Missouri disability attorney on your side when making a Social Security disability claim. Being cooperative and truthful with both of them will only help them to properly document your condition and improve your SSD case.

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