The Most Common Missouri Workers Compensation Knee Injuries

Many people don’t realize how much they use their knees each day until they injure them. Once your knee goes out, it’s really difficult to get around and stairs can become an excruciating experience.

Healthy knees are vital to proper movement, but unfortunately, knee injuries are fairly common in the workplace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that over 100,000 people suffer knee-related injuries on the job every year. Here are some of the most common types of knee injuries that may require the help of an experienced Missouri Workers Compensation attorney.

Tendon Tears

Your tendons are the tissue that attach your muscle to the bone. Tendon tears in your knees can happen from workers falling or being struck by objects. A torn tendon won’t repair itself on its own. If left untreated, a ruptured tendon may result in permanent disability.

The cartilage in your knee that cushions your bones can tear as well, which may require surgery to repair depending on how deep the tear goes.


Tendonitis occurs when the tendon connecting your kneecap and shinbone becomes inflamed. This tends to happen gradually due to overuse, so anyone who works a job in which they bend their knees regularly should be on the lookout for signs of such inflammation.


Other parts of the knee can become inflamed as well, including your bursae, which are the sacs of fluid that reduce friction between joints. Inflammation can be caused by repetitive motion and overuse on the job. Bursitis is a potentially serious condition that can affect one’s daily activities.


A fall or trauma at work may result in your kneecap being knocked out of its normal position. Dislocation can take over 90 days to heal. That’s a long time to potentially be out of work.


Sometimes trauma on the job may cause a kneecap to break. Without some sort of brace to support the injury, a worker who suffers a fractured kneecap would find it difficult, if not impossible, to walk.

Knee injuries can range from minor to very serious. Some may be a minor inconvenience, while others can cause significant pain, loss of work, and even permanent disability if left untreated. In many cases, surgery might be involved.

If you’ve suffered a knee injury on the job, don’t leave it up to chance. Get a medical checkup immediately to determine the best course of action. An experienced Missouri workers’ compensation attorney can help you get every dollar that you’re entitled to for your knee injury, from lost income to medical expenses to everything in between.

If you’ve sustained a severe knee injury at work, especially one that requires extensive medical attention and surgery, you need to know what sort of financial compensation you are entitled to. Don’t go it alone or you might not receive a fair settlement.

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There is no upfront cost to hiring a Missouri Work Comp lawyer for your claim. If have a potential Missouri work comp case and want to make sure you maximize your Missouri Workers Compensation benefits for your knee injury, you should speak to a Missouri Workers Compensation attorney sooner rather than later.

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