Witnesses May Help Your Missouri Car Crash Attorney

A car accident can be a very stressful situation, especially when the parties involved can’t agree who was at fault. Often it becomes a case of “your word against theirs.” Sometimes the matter can be easier to settle with the help of eyewitness testimony.

Car accidents happen very quickly. It may be difficult to determine who was at fault due to the limited perspective of the people who were directly involved in the incident. If a bystander who wasn’t in either car also witnessed it, they may be able to offer a unique viewpoint that could help clarify things, such as noting if one of the drivers failed to yield or was driving distracted.

Another important benefit of having eyewitness testimony is that they are usually impartial, having no bias toward anyone involved in the car crash. If they’re questioned regarding what happened, they should be able to fairly share their testimony without giving an unfair advantage to either person.

But just because someone witnessed a car crash does not always mean that their testimony will be taken into consideration. Insurance adjusters sometimes question how trustworthy the claim of an eyewitness is. A witness’s credibility may be determined by examining their character, criminal record, or the plausibility of their statements.

If you have been involved in a car crash through no fault of your own and there were witnesses to the event, you’ll want to make sure that their testimony is recounted honestly and fairly. Eyewitness testimony can make or break your car accident case, and if you’re in the right, you want them to be able to back you up.

Don’t go it alone. Reach out to the Krebs Law Firm. Our Missouri car crash attorney has years of experience helping clients with car accident claims and can see to it that any witness testimony is utilized properly.

Occasionally an insurance company may ask for a recorded statement from the people that were directly involved in the car accident. If your statement is not carefully worded, it could be twisted around, misconstrued or used against you. In fact, we advise our clients not to provide a recorded statement before consulting with a Springfield Missouri Car accident lawyer.

An experienced Missouri car crash attorney like Jason Krebs who used to represent insurance companies knows their tricks and how to combat them.

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