Consult Arkansas Car Accident Lawyer For Work Zone Crashes

It’s always more stressful whenever you’re driving through a work zone. There’s less room to move around and you have to be more aware of your surroundings. Workers might be working on the road or on the shoulder. You might be forced down a route that you’re not used to taking.

From 2015 to 2019, there were an average of 55 work zone-related injuries each year in Arkansas. Car accidents are inevitable in these close quarters, so it’s important to be aware of which party is at fault if such a car crash occurs.

Is The Driver Automatically At Fault?

Some drivers may not take work zone reduced speed limits seriously or allow irritation to creep in, causing them to be negligent. Work zones typically require drivers to change lanes, but drivers don’t always comply. They may be talking on their phones or texting instead of paying attention to important signs that instruct drivers on what to do, resulting in car accidents.

Can The Work Zone Ever Be At Fault?

Those working in work zones can sometimes be negligent too. Signs may be placed in wrong locations. Lighting may be poor at night, causing motorists to overlook important signage or vehicles in front or behind them. On the other hand, lighting could be excessive, obstructing a driver’s vision. They may also become confused and go a wrong direction as a result of unclear signs.

Proving the fault of a work zone in a car crash can be an uphill battle, so drivers who are involved in work zone car accidents may easily be overwhelmed trying to prove who is at fault and to what degree. If you’re in a car accident in a work zone, don’t try dealing with the insurance companies alone.

Consult an Arkansas car accident lawyer to help with your case. An experienced Arkansas car accident attorney like Jason Krebs who used to represent insurance companies knows the tricks that insurance companies use all too well and how to combat them.

Consult An Experienced Arkansas Car Accident Lawyer

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