Onset date for a Missouri disability case

When you file you will be asked the onset date for a Missouri disability case.  That is to identify the date you think that you became disabled. This date is known as your Alleged Onset Date (AOD). Social Security does not offer much guidance as to what this date should be.

Krebs Law Office Social Security Disability

Krebs Law Office Social Security Disability

I have had clients tell me that SSA employees who are involved in the application process will suggest a date. Other clients pick a date the date their illness was diagnosed.  Others use the date that they stop working. Your AOD should be the date when your medical and mental conditions created so many problems at a job that you had to stop working. I generally advise my clients to choose a date after they stop working. Remember that Social Security defines disability as the inability to engage in substantial gainful activity – if you are working and earning money, the presumption will be that you are engaged in substantial activity. In other words, you cannot be working and disabled at the same time.

Far too often I see people who are too focused on the date of their diagnosis. It does not matter if you were diagnosed with  condition 10 years ago if you continued working. Instead focus on the date that your condition reached a level where you had to stop working.   It is usually a good idea to tie your onset date to a medical event such as a recent diagnosis date, a medical emergency, a hospitalization a termination for excessive absences and choose a date that is after you last worked. You will come across as much more credible if you choose an onset date that logically arises from the decline in your health as opposed to a date that seems more connected with your disability application. AOD’s can always be amended after your case is going and it is common to amend them at the hearing.

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