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When a motorcyclist and their passengers decide to go on a bike ride, they put themselves at risk of getting a head injury in the chance of an accident. This is because they have such a small amount of protection surrounding them compared to drivers and passengers in vehicles. When there is an accident that involves a motorcycle, it can result in the biker suffering from a head injury, including brain trauma that will require extensive care and attention, hospitalization and rehabilitation. It could also lead to becoming paralyzed or death. Suffering from a head injury due to a motorcycle accident can often have lifelong effects for its survivors.

While motorcycle accidents occur at about the same frequency as passenger vehicle accidents, the seriousness of injuries is much greater. Motorcycle accidents occur for many of the same reasons as car accidents but are much more likely to result in serious injury or death. A study states that motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in an accident than passenger vehicle drivers. This is because motorcyclists must worry about all the same risks as people in cars, and additional issues that are unique to riding a motorcycle. If you or someone you know and care about uses a motorcycle, it is crucial that you are informed on these dangers so you can stay safe. Be sure to understand the risks of driving generally as well as the risks specific to riding a motorcycle.

Many people who ride motorcycles love the feeling of freedom and independence. But because motorcycles are small and there is so little space between the driver and the road, an accident on a motorcycle is less safe than on any other vehicle. In a crash, a motorcyclist risks being crushed or run over by other vehicles, sliding across the pavement at freeway speeds, having their motorcycle pin them to the ground, and any number of other injuries that are increased by their lack of protection. Motorcycles are also much harder to see than other vehicles. Therefore, more than half of all motorcycle fatalities occur because of head-on collisions.

These situations almost always occur because someone driving a car simply did not see the motorcyclist until it was too late. Another danger that presents itself to motorcyclists is other vehicles making left-hand turns. Often a vehicle turning left will run right into a motorcycle going straight through the intersection. As in the previous situation, the person driving the car or truck just won’t see the motorcycle until nothing can be done. While the other motorist will usually be at fault, situations like these result in so many motorcycle fatalities.

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