How to Ruin Your Credibility in a Missouri Disability Hearing

How to Ruin Your Credibility in a Missouri Disability Hearing

I’d like to share something that can absolutely ruin your claim. Of course nobody wants to ruin their Missouri Social Security Disability claim. You ruin your claim by destroying your credibility with the judge. How to Ruin Your Credibility in a Missouri Disability Hearing? Here’s how:

1. You exaggerate the severity of your conditions. One example is where the X Rays don’t show much of a problem or a mild problem and you claim you can’t do anything at all. Sometimes claimants get nervous and feel this is what the judge wants to hear. I recently had a client in a hearing basically cut everything in to about 1/4 of what he told me he could do the day before in our hearing prep. He told me on Monday he could sit for 30 minutes and then on Tuesday tells the judge 5 minutes. This went on multiple times. I was beginning to doubt the client’s credibility and the medical records were good. He just was trying to make it seem worse than it was.

2. Fine. Until asked about it. This is one the judges hate. You are sitting in a hearing for 45 minutes, apparently without discomfort, then when she asks you how long you can sit claim “5 minutes” and then go into a routine of showing discomfort. I had a client once sitting comfortably suddenly claim they needed to lay down. The judge didn’t buy it and frankly, neither did I. (This is not to say that if you are uncomfortable that you shouldn’t stand up or shift positions if you need to, you should. Just don’t wait until asked.) It looks ridiculous.

3. Contradicting yourself. This one can be painful to watch. An example of this is the medical records indicate you told your doctor you are improving and then claim otherwise to the judge. Another is the Function Report you filled out when you applied. The Function Report is the “day in the life” form that you talk about your day. If you claim hunting/ fishing/ horse back riding as current hobbies and then claim otherwise at eh hearing, if is not going to look good. Smashing for medical records indicating such hobbies or vacations/trips. If you start responding to the judge “yeah, but…” or “not anymore” you may be in trouble.

4. Denying positive drug screens. This is similar to #3 above but deserves special mention. You are better off admitting to drug use in your teens, when there is nothing in the record than to lie about not doing drugs when there is documented use.

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