Safe Winter Driving Tips From Your Missouri Car Accident Lawyer

More people are on the roads traveling home for the holidays and winter driving in Missouri can sometimes be treacherous. We don’t get as much snow as we did in the past, but freezing rain and slick roads can still create hazardous road conditions, especially after the sun goes down and wet roads start to freeze over.

Every winter brings reports of multiple car accidents as a result of slick roads, and along with them, personal injury claims.

To keep your family safe during your winter driving travels, your Missouri car accident lawyer Jason Krebs offers the following winter driving tips so you can be safer on the roads during icy conditions.

It’s best to educate yourself before such an event happens, so you’ll know how to prevent and handle any wrecks from driving in winter conditions.

Driving More Safely In Winter Conditions

If at all possible, try to never drive on an icy road. If you’re caught on an unexpected icy road, reduce your speed as much as possible.

If you drive too fast or negligently on icy roads and cause a car accident, personal injury may result, and you don’t want to be on either end of a personal injury claim if you can avoid it. The secret to lowering your risk of accident on icy roads is to be extra cautious and slow down.

Keep in mind that you have less tire traction on ice, which means it takes your vehicle more time to come to a complete stop. It doesn’t matter if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle on an icy road. Don’t get overconfident.

Lower your speed, even if it means driving slower than you might prefer and stay five to six seconds behind the car in front of you, giving ample space in case of potential slipping and sliding.

Be alert to other drivers around you who may be driving recklessly and watch for black ice.

Top Reasons For Ice-Related Car Accidents

Just because roads don’t look icy doesn’t mean they aren’t. Especially on bridges and overpasses, which tend to freeze quicker since there’s no ground underneath to keep them warm longer.

A thin layer of black ice is particularly dangerous, because it blends in with the roadway, and you may not realize it until you’re slipping and sliding into a ditch—or worse, another vehicle.

There are multiple reasons ice-related car accidents happen. The roads may not have been properly salted. Other drivers may be driving too fast, not keeping enough distance between vehicles, or simply not paying attention to the road.

Don’t let your guard down. There will be accidents on icy roads this winter. Even those who follow safety precautions may find themselves involved in an car accident through no fault of their own.

If you ever find yourself in an car accident due to ice-covered roads, what are your rights for compensation with a personal injury claim?

Get Help To Fight For Your Rights

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