Should I Go to a Missouri Work Comp Conference Without a Lawyer?

Should I Go to a Missouri Work Comp Conference Without a Lawyer?

In Missouri Workers Compensation you are not required to have an attorney. You can represent yourself. Sometimes it is not worth hiring a lawyer. Typically, if your injury did not involve a surgery, you may very well be able to handle your claim without a Missouri work comp lawyer.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Missouri Workers Compensation. One of the most common I hear is that the judge will tell you if the settlement you are thinking about accepting is too low. This is false. Its actually quite the contrary. For some time now, Missouri Work Comp judges are barred from helping you. This may have changed since your last work comp injury or since your “buddy” who knows all about Missouri workers compensation because he handled his claim 20 years ago without a lawyer.

If you did have a surgery, you should at least speak to a lawyer. Almost always hiring a lawyer and paying the lawyer’s fee (out of the settlement) will still get you much more money at the end of the case than going it alone.

Recently, I was at the Lebanon Missouri Work Comp docket. I personally witnessed a very nice man settle his severe shoulder injury for half or less of what he should have fairly received. The employer’s attorney is a wonderfully friendly guy. He was all smiles and the injured guy thought that the defense lawyer “was being real fair”. He wasn’t. He was doing his job and minimizing what his client had to pay to resolve this claim. It’s not the defense lawyers job to “look out” for you. You need to speak with someone who will look out for your best interests, not your employers.

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