What are Missouri Social Security Disability Claimants Doing Wrong?

We get a lot of questions from Springfield Missouri Social Security Disability claimants regarding their case and what they need to do to win their case. Every case is different, but there are some common mistakes which can hurt your chances.

1. Not filing an appeal

You only have sixty days to appeal a Social Security Disability denial in Missouri. You have only sixty days to file for reconsideration in Arkansas and Oklahoma. When your reconsideration is denied you only have sixty days to file your appeal as well.

If you miss any of these sixty day deadlines, then you have to file a new initial claim and start the process all over. This can cost you money in a lot of ways, but most importantly you can wait around until you are no longer insured under the disability program leaving you with only having SSI available to you.

SSI is typically a smaller monthly check, Medicaid as opposed to Medicare and in addition to meeting the disability requirements, you must also meet the income and asset guidelines for SSI eligibility.

2. Waiting to file an initial application.

Many people that call my office think that they must be out of work for a year before they can apply for benefits; this is incorrect.

Once a claimant stops working due to health issues and they expect to be out of work for a year or longer they should apply. It is always best to file an initial application as soon as possible.

3. Telling their doctor they are doing better when they are not.

A patient with a condition that as pain that changes daily sees the doctor and tells them everything is fine or they have improved, because they just so happen to be seeing the doctor on one of their good days or they just don’t want to complain. Social Security will use this against you. Instead tell them in detail how you have been feeling. Be specific as to time distance etc. By being specific and explaining to your doctor how your condition varies from day to day you can help to eliminate the phrase in your medical records that can cost you your benefits.

4. Not being truthful with their doctor.

See number 3. But also not telling your doctor about all your symptoms and problems due to embarrassment etc.

5. Not helping their disability lawyer prove their case.

Hiring a lawyer is just the first part. You should be an active participant in the process. Let your lawyer know what is going on with you. Let them know what doctors you are seeing. You must be looking for ways to find medical care (Medicaid, Jordan Valley, The Kitchen Clinic, etc.) and continuing to seek treatment while you wait for your hearing.

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