What can I do to improve my Missouri or Arkansas social security disability case-Social Security Disability Lawyer

What can I do to improve my Missouri or Arkansas social security disability case? From a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Hello this is Springfield Missouri Social Security Disability Lawyer Jason Krebs and in today’s video we thought we would talk a little bit about a common question we get about what we can do to improve our Missouri or Arkansas social security disability case. There are a couple things you can do to improve your case and your chances of winning.

First and foremost the number one thing you can do is to go to the doctor and go as much as you need to. For most conditions for social security disability purposes, going to the doctor once or twice a year is not quite as much as you’re going to need to win. Some conditions that it just maintenance and that’s all the doctor wants to see you, and the conditions are severe enough and that can be enough, but by and large its going frequently and documenting your problems.

Be specific, talk to your doctor, if you just walk in there and say “I hurt” that doesn’t really mean anything. You want to talk to her/he about how long you’re sitting or standing is before it starts to give you problems, if that’s the issue. Whatever the issue is, you want to be specific as to how your conditions are affecting your ability to show up to your work everyday, day in day out, and be productive to do your job.

The other thing is you need to get a lawyer because they are going to be able to shepherd you through that hearing.

Hopefully whomever you hire as a Social Security Disability Lawyer is going to spend the time to prepare the case with you like we prepare all of our clients. We practice the hearing and go through all the questions and do all that, I do that personally.

Hopefully your lawyer will be able to present the evidence in your case in the best possible light and prepare you for your case but the reality is with every lawyer, they cannot create evidence for you. So it’s important that you spend that time that you are waiting for the hearing and use it to your benefit by going to the doctor and documenting your problems.

We have a lot more answers to these type of questions, if you want to go to our website https://krebslawoffice.com we’ve got some free books that you can download immediately that will give you answers to these types of questions or give us a call at 417-883-5886 or at 1-800-345-0535. We wish you the best of luck and thanks for watching.

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