What If The Other Driver Is Uninsured in My Missouri Car Crash?

Statistics show that there are many Missouri drivers who get in trouble for driving with an expired or suspended license annually. What if you are in a car crash with a driver who doesn’t have a valid license? What sort of problems could come about?

Drivers who lose their licenses or have them suspended often also lose their insurance policies along with them.

Insurance companies view such drivers as a high risk, and want to avoid having to pay out for a poor driver’s mistakes. So, what would happen if you were to get into a car crash due to the fault of an uninsured driver?

If the driver who is at fault doesn’t have insurance to help cover your losses, then your own insurance company is the only one left to potentially foot the bill, and that can be a messy situation.

What if you get into an accident with an unlicensed driver and you’re the one at fault? It might seem logical to shift some of the blame over to the other driver due to their driving illegally, but when it comes down to getting compensation, that likely won’t help your case.

While they shouldn’t have been driving without a license, the insurance companies are only concerned with who was responsible for the accident.

Occasionally, an unlicensed or suspended driver may be driving someone else’s car instead of their own. If they were responsible for the accident, do you have a personal injury case? Perhaps. If the owner of the car has insurance, then a claim against the policy of the car’s owner could likely be filed.

These are just a few different circumstances that can arise from getting struck by an uninsured driver, and there are many others. Trying to figure out who is at fault, why, and whether or not you can collect deserved compensation in such situations can be a complicated affair.

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