Protect Yourself From Dangers of Electrical Workplace Injuries in Missouri

Dangers of Electrical Workplace Injuries in Missouri

Most people are aware of the dangers of electric shock. But you might not consider how often workplace injuries in Missouri are the result of electricity. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration lists electricity as the sixth most common cause of workplace-related injury in the US.

Such injuries are often fatal and can occur almost instantaneously. Those who survive often have to deal with debilitating effects for the rest of their lives.

If you work in an occupation that involves electricity, you already know that your work can be dangerous. But what are some specific causes of electrical-related injuries? What injuries are common? How can you prevent them?

And if you find yourself suffering an electricity-related injury on the job, how can a workers’ comp lawyer in Missouri help you?

Common Causes of Electrical Workplace Injuries

Electricity-related injuries can be caused by poor grounding of wires, improper use of equipment and negligence. The protective layers of insulation covering power cords might be stripped or damaged, and the exposed wiring can cause shock or burns.

A lot of construction equipment utilizes electrical cords that might not be connected properly. The danger is even greater when work is done in wet conditions such as snow, rain or locations with excessive moisture.

Types of Electrical Workplace Injuries

Electrical workplace injuries may include electrocution, burns, lacerations and hearing loss. Electric shocks can cause cardiac arrest or burns that damage tissue, muscle and nerves.

Electric shock can also travel to the brain, resulting in memory loss, depression and other neurological disorders. Many electrical workers annually are injured by arc flashes, the light and heat produced by an arc of electricity. In addition to burns, these flashes can cause eye damage or blindness.

Any job that works with electricity on a regular basis can be dangerous. The risk of electrical workplace injury is significant, and you want to be prepared by knowing what dangers to avoid.

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