How Does The SSA Determine Eligibility For Arkansas Disability Benefits

How Does The SSA Determine Eligibility For Arkansas Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration takes determining a person’s eligibility for Social Security Disability very seriously. A person who applies for Social Security Disability benefits must meet the qualifications for their definition of disabled. They have a five-step program to determine eligibility.

If you believe you are eligible to receive Arkansas Disability benefits, you’ll need to consider these five areas to see if you qualify.

Are You Working At A Substantial Gainful Activity Level?

The SSA defines substantial gainful activity, or SGA, as paid work that involves significant physical or mental activity. There is a certain amount of income an individual can earn to be within the SGA guidelines, and the amount changes yearly based on national wages.

As of 2022, if someone makes over $1350 a month (or $2260 if they’re statutorily blind), they are above the SGA level and ineligible for Social Security Disability benefits. If they make less, the Social Security Administration takes a look at the next area of eligibility.

Do You Have Severe Mental Or Physical Conditions?

Any severe conditions the individual might have, whether physically or mentally, must be medically determined. Such conditions also must be expected to last for at least a year.

How Severe Is Your Condition?

The applicant’s condition must meet the severity level as outlined in the Social Security Administration’s blue book of impairments. The Social Security Administration will also strive to determine the person’s residual functional capacity (RFC), which states how much they are capable of working with their condition.

Can You Still Engage In Your Normal Work?

If an individual can participate in work to some degree, can they possibly return to their normal line of work? If so, then they will not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. If not, then the Social Security Administration will move on to the final step.

Can You Adapt To A New Kind Of Work?

Many people who apply for Social Security Disability benefits and are unable to return to their normal work may be capable of working in some other career or field that is less taxing on them. Their age, residual functional capacity, work experience, and education will also be considered. This is the last area the Social Security Administration looks at to determine if one is ultimately eligible for Social Security Disability.

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