When Should I Hire An Arkansas Long Term Disability Attorney

When Should I Hire An Arkansas Long Term Disability Attorney?

If your ERISA Long term disability insurance company has denied your long-term disability claim, you only have a very limited time to appeal the decision. So, when should you hire an Arkansas long term disability attorney? Long term disability insurance carriers don’t make it easy for policyholders to get the disability benefits they deserve.

Hire the attorney immediately.

If you are going to hire an ERISA long term disability insurance attorney, hire them sooner than later. What you do now may have long term consequences to your claim. You may even ruin your claim. The ERISA regulations limit what can be done at future points of time in the appeal process.

The more time you give your ERISA long term disability appeal attorney to work on your case, the better prepared your claim will be and the better your chance of being successful. While you obviously know your medical history, but the attorney does not. He or she must work through your background and get all the facts, then write a legal appeal. That takes time, and every day counts.

If you do try to handle your claim on your own it is important to communicate in writing with your long term disability insurance company. Don’t forget you need to keep a copy of this correspondence.

If you do have a phone call with the insurance company adjuster make sure you follow up with a letter re-capping the telephone conversation. You can be assured that the adjuster is doing the same thing and it isn’t always an accurate summary of what your discussed. It’s not uncommon for disability adjusters to cherry pick certain parts of telephone calls with disability applicants and uses that as a pretext for claims denials or surveillance.

If you feel your long term disability claim was improperly denied, call (800) 345-0535 or (417) 883-5886 to talk with our team. We will likely ask you to fax or email my office your denial letter as well to best evaluate your case. This consultation is free, so make sure you have your letter on hand.