Who Is Responsible To Pay My Medical Bills While I’m Treating After a Missouri Semi-truck Accident

Hello. This is Springfield, Missouri Semi Truck Accident Attorney Jason Krebs, and in today’s video I would answer the question: who is responsible to pay my medical bills while I’m treating after a Missouri semi-truck accident?

The short answer is, you’re going to have to figure out a way to get those paid while you’re treating.

Some insurance companies that represent the trucking industry will imply that if you don’t give them a recorded statement or if you don’t sign their general release form, they’re not going to pay your medical bills. The answer is, unfortunately they’re probably not going to pay those anyway so there’s no requirement that you sign any form or sign any release or give them a recorded statement while you’re treating. That’s why it’s important to get an attorney involved as quickly as possible.

What you should do is use your health insurance to pay for those bills while you can. Secondly, you might have some med-pay coverage on your own personal auto policy. You should use that as well. If you were involved in the semi truck accident while you were on the job, you might be able to use workers’ compensation to cover that.

Now, in some of these instances you are going to be required to pay back whatever your insurance company, whether it’s your health insurance if you’re covered under certain types of health insurance plans or if it’s work comp, you’re probably going to have to pay that money back but that’s okay. It’s better to get that treatment that you need while you can.

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Thanks for watching and good luck.

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