Should my Missouri Car Accident Attorney Tell Me NOT To Get Medical Treatment?

Hello, this is Springfield, Missouri personal injury attorney Jason Krebs. In today’s video I thought we would answer the question, should my Missouri car accident attorney tell me not to get medical treatment? The reason we’re responding to this is we’ve had a couple of calls recently that are very troubling, from former clients of a well-known TV advertising lawyer here in southwest Missouri. They both told remarkably similar stories in which they were both advised not to get certain medical treatment, including MRIs.

Both cases had settled already and they settled below policy limits, which means there was still additional insurance money available for them, potentially. What was troubling, again that they were told not to get this treatment. That is terrible advice, generally, that a person’s case is based upon their medical treatment. Any sort of car accident or personal injury lawsuit, the medical treatment that you receive is very important to proving damages. The size of the settlement you might get, or verdict if you had to take it to trial, is very much based upon medical evidence. That is one of the primary drivers of the value of a personal injury or car accident lawsuit. To be told not to do that is very bad advice.

Then you say, “Why would this lawyer do that? Don’t they get more money if I get more money?” Yes, that’s true, they do get more money if they get a larger settlement for you, but they’re also under intense pressure to settle and close cases. In this particular case, these people had dealt with paralegals primarily (they never got to meet the guy in the ads), who I’m sure their monthly settlements and monthly closed files were looked at frequently and they were pushing to get the case settled.

If you had to have more treatment or you needed to have MRIs, that’s going to take longer to resolve the case for them. It does for you as well. That may create other issues for you but it’s something that you need to understand that it’s your right and it should be an informed decision on your part.

You may want a second opinion or to think about getting a new Missouri Car Accident Attorney.

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