Will Covid 19 Delay My Missouri Work Comp Case?

On March 19, 2020 the Missouri Division of Workers Compensation effectively closed to in person meetings. You may ask, “Will Covid 19 Delay My Missouri Work Comp case?”

How does this affect your Missouri Workers compensation case? At this point in time (which may change at anytime) if your treatment is completed and you are at maximum medical improvement (MMI) your Missouri work comp attorney can still resolve your claim (assuming they are able to work remotely as our office is currently doing).

Please keep in mind this will also depend on you the ability of the defense to work remotely also. We spoke recently with an attorney with a large Missouri work comp defense firm whose whole firm does not have that ability. He personally does, but it’s an attorney by attorney arrangement in that particular firm.

What If I’m Handling My Missouri Work Comp Case Myself?

If you are unrepresented and handling your case yourself, then you will need to make arrangements to teleconference with the Administrative Law Judge and the defense attorney. There are no announced plans on how these teleconferences for the unrepresented are going to be accomplished at this time.

The defense attorney we spoke with also seemed to believe that many of the Missouri Work comp insurance companies will be low balling the unrepresented even more than usual. He also seemed to believe the unrepresented will be moved to the “bottom of the stack” because of the time involved to organize these teleconferences.

Again, if you have an attorney, this should not be a problem at this time.

What If I’m Still Treating?

If you are not at MMI and are still treating or waiting for a medical exam it is likely you could run into problems.

We are coordinating rescheduling of treatment with Workers Compensation defense lawyers and adjusters at this time, but it is all up in the air. We predict there is going to be massive confusion not only now, but when the COVID 19 crisis subsides.

We are conducting phone consultations as normal at this time. It is a free consultation and there is no charge to see if we can help you. If we do agree to take your case, you do not have to pay anything upfront. Our office handles Missouri Work Comp cases on a contingency fee basis which means there is no fee unless we are successful.