A Missouri disability lawyer cannot create evidence for you- best Social Security Disability Attorney Reviews

Even the attorney with the best Social Security Disability Attorney Reviews cannot create evidence for you. strong>A Missouri disability lawyer cannot create evidence for you

There is a lot of confusion among claimants as to what a Missouri disability lawyer can do to help you case. Lawyers can do a lot of things to help your case.

  • Deal with Uncle Sam for you
  • File your Application and Appeal (if you meet our qualifications)
  • Review medical records and provide advice
  • Answer your questions

Most Importantly

  • Prepare you to testify
  • Present the evidence in the best possible light
  • Argue your case before the Administrative Law Judge
  • Cross examine the witnesses the government calls

Note that a Missouri disability lawyer cannot create evidence for you. You have to go to the doctor to document your medical (physical and mental) problems.

I recently had an individual who was very upset with our office when we told this person that we could not help them. This person hadn’t been to the doctor for 3 years. While I understand that health care is expensive, this individual actually had access that they were not taking advantage of because it was not convenient. Frankly, that attitude is not going to get anyone very far with the Social Security Administration.

As I have stated countless times it is the person claiming they are disabled responsibility to prove their disability and not Uncle Sam’s.

What keeps you from working?

I often hear, “I was in a car wreck 20 years ago and cannot work”.  If you worked for the 20 years since the accident it is going to be hard to prove that there is a disabling condition from that accident.  You are going to have to be able to show what has changed that has caused you to e unable to work now.  This is where current medical records are so important in developing a case.  If you haven’t made a complaint about the old injury for 20 years and have not sought treatment, you have a very difficult case to prove your disability.

Current medical records outlying your complaints are the evidence you need. Based on the above example, a current MRI showing severe conditions in your back would be great evidence.

Another example I sometimes hear for not working is “I have diabetes” Diabetes can be a severe impairment, but not always. The more important question is how does the diabetes limit your ability to do things?  What limitations do you have?   Do you have diabetic nerve pain?  How bad is it?  Is it documented with a doctor?  Does it affect your ability to sit and/or stand?  Use your hands? Don’t focus on the diagnosis but rather the pain the condition causes.

Sometimes people will say, “my doctor says I can’t work” or “my doctor says I’m disabled”. Unfortunately that is not what the SSA is interested in. Whether you can or cant work is a ‘decision for the Commissioner” of the SSA. What is important is your doctor stating your limitations. For example that you “can’t sit for more than 30 minutes without a break” or you “ need frequent unscheduled breaks of up to 15 minutes”. These can be hard to get but are very valuable.

Other than conditions on the SSA Compassionate Allowance list, any time you have a condition, the key thing you have to show is how this condition impairs your ability to work.

Before applying you should have an honest discussion with your treating doctor.   Does he or she think you are disabled?  Would they be willing to write a letter or fill out a report outlining your limitations?  You shouldn’t go into doctor’s appointments continually bringing up disability, but having an idea of what your doctor thinks is a good idea.

You also need to be honest with yourself. Could I do something easier? It’s a hard conversation to have, but important to you and your family.

The fact that you may not enjoy it or it is not as much money as you are used to making is not something the SSA will to factor to make its decision.

“I can’t drive” is not enough of a reason assuming you could take public transportation. The fact that your town has no bus system is not relevant to SSA. They assume you will move to find work.   Don’t focus on transportation as your impairment. This is an almost a sure denial unless it involves a major vision issue. Focus on what medical reason that keeps you from driving (i.e. not having your license revoked for child support being due). For example the medication side effects that don’t let you drive may have other limitations that otherwise impair you, such as sleeping all day.

If you have very limited recent medical records, very often it can be better to wait to apply until you have developed your medical file.   This starts with finding treatment.

Follow your doctor’s advice and keep your appointments.  Nothing tells the SSA you are not disabled more than skipping doctor visits.  Plan ahead if you need a ride to the doctor.

You don’t have a doctor?  You need to do whatever it takes to find one.  NOW! START TODAY! Apply for Missouri Health Net (Medicaid).  Call you local Missouri County Health department or in Springfield the Jordan Valley Community Clinic or The Missouri State University Clinic in the Springfield Missouri area.  If you are a veteran, look at the VA clinics.

In Northwest Arkansas, apply for Arkansas Medicaid; seek out sliding scale providers such as Mission Outreach, the Northwest Arkansas Free Health Center. Contact your local county health department for other options

Look for doctors who provide sliding scale treatment.  Apply for charitable discounts from not for profits or from the drug companies themselves.  Apply for coverage under The Affordable Care Act (Obama care).

Leave no stone unturned. Doing nothing to find treatment will get you nowhere with the Social Security Administration. If you don’t have a doctor or medical care, NOW is the time to find some.

If you take nothing else from this, you must seek treatment somewhere. Not seeking treatment will very likely be fatal to your disability claim.  

Medical documentation is the #1 most important thing in todays Social Security disability cases.

Seeing your doctor regularly can also help your doctor update your treatment as medicines and treatments change and may offer significant improvement that would allow you to get back to work.

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