Common SSA Disability Complaint heard during KY3 Call-A-Lawyer #2

I was asked to sit on the Springfield Missouri Bar Association Call a Lawyer program on KY3.There were some common SSA Disability questions or complaints that I heard several times. I will try to answer some of them over the next few posts.

I heard several combinations of the following:

I hired __________(big local or national disability firm) and I can’t talk to my lawyer,

I have had __ # of lawyers in the last year with the _______ firm

The guy in the ad is not my lawyer, I’ve never met him.

Unfortunately while people are represented by an attorney, other lawyers should not give you advice. This is an ethical issue for the 2nd attorney. The only thing I can tell them is keep calling until you get a response or go sit in their waiting room. Calling other lawyers to ask questions related to your current lawyer or to interpret documents from your case is not appropriate.

The alternative is to fire the attorney and make another choice for your disability lawyer. This will not delay your case as some like to suggest, assuming you do not already have a hearing date and your new attorney needs a continuance to get your file together. It should not cost you additional money either. All attorney fees are approved by the judge. You may be responsible for some expenses regardless for medical records etc. The question you must ask yourself is “Do I feel comfortable with where I am now?

Please understand that not hearing from your lawyer should not be confused with not getting the answer you want to hear. Good attorneys will honestly discuss the weak points of your case. You should not take insult from this or feel your attorney ” is not fighting” for you.

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